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When Does It Get Easier?

I myself wonder if it does get easier. I hope it does. It needs to.

Even though everyone knows that I really miss how things used to be.

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When will I pass by a store window and not, at least for a minute, expect to see you standing next to me looking at the display inside?

When will I order food without wondering what you were going to order, or wondering how we are both going to be able to try two things if we are eating alone?

When will I not burst into tears at hearing your name, sometimes even before I can make it to the bathroom and spare myself the very public embarrassment of a hurt you wear directly on your sleeve?

When will I stop caring what you’re doing?

When will I stop imagining what you look like with other people, or even how many of these “other people” have been a part of your life since I left?

When will getting out of bed and doing everyday things not seem like an unimaginable…

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22 Signs You’re An Ex-Convent School Girl

this blog makes me miss high school <////////3


1. You’re cool with doing the heavy lifting – as long as it’s manageable. What? Wait for the guys to come help out? Girl, we went through 10 years of school without a single guy in sight (unless you count that wimpy math teacher), and we did just fine.

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2. You have that one group of girlfriends that you know will be there for you. FOREVER.


3. “Friendship problems” don’t throw you anymore. We’ve been through 4 years in a school full of girls going through puberty all at the same time. It was hell. There would always be at least one person in any classroom PMSing at any one time – plus we pretty much hung out with the same group of girls so much that our cycles literally synched up. Yes, it’s not a myth; it’s true. Which basically means WAR every few weeks. I repeat. It was hell.

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my sisters from other misters =))


“friends are the family we choose”

I’ve been kind of a mess lately, but I was a lucky one. you know why? because even if I was a mess, my friends were always there. They never made me feel unwanted. They made me feel loved and cared for. They cheered me up and did all those things to make me feel better. I never felt that I was “forever alone” as some people say since I have my girls. Sir Adrian told the AS Swimmers to bring their special someone on the day of the game but hey I brought my friends with me and there’s nothing wrong with that since they really are special and I do love them no matter what. I’ve shared the most memorable experiences with them, and they know me too well. They were there when I fell for someone and they were still there when it was all gone. They were the ones to help me fix myself in the process. The thing is they are the ones who make me happy. The girl talks during vacant periods, the movie marathons, the shopping, the laughters, the tears, the screams *leth* well these moments with them mean the world to me. We’ve been friends through thick and thin.  So to my girl friends, High school life would’ve been different without you. College would’ve been different without you. Life would be different without you. I’m more than lucky to have you and well I know I say it every single day but I love you.