To the love of my life,

Last year, just when I least expected it, you came into my life. I had alot of baggage with me, I still have some of these burdens in my head and believe me I try so hard to let it go away from my thoughts but whenever I’m not as busy as I usually am, I end up overthinking all over again.

First of all, I would like to thank you. You don’t know how much you and Napnap have changed my life since you came. I was too sure back then, that I was destined to die successful but alone and empty. I’m still driven to pursue my dreams but this time I hope that when I finally achieve my dreams, you’ll be there beside me. You gave me hope. I have almost given up on myself way too many times, I guess the pressure is really hitting me hard lately so bare with me, even at times when I’m hard to handle. You’re the only one who ever handled me greatly after all. Thank you for staying by my hard headed and pain in the ass self. I know it’s not easy to be with someone like me but you loved me nonetheless.

Secondly, I would like to apologize for all the wrong things I have unintentionally done. I’m sorry for being this way, you know I try so hard not to give you any headaches these days since I don’t want to add up to your worries. There were days that I nag too much, I find nagging irritating too. It’s tiring having to repeat everything you say over and over again but I will not stop reminding you every single time on what would be the right thing to do even if it pisses you off. I’d rather have you get pissed with me but end up doing the right thing than you patronizing me but end up not choosing the best decision. I’m sorry for that, I cared for you too much but don’t worry. I have lessened it these days and only interfere when I know it would be something that you will truly regret. The mistakes will be charged to experience, as to how things will be handled much better the next time. I’m sorry if at times I made you feel that I doubted your love. I never did. I never doubted your capacity to stay loyal and faithful and love me… I was doubting that I would ever be worth it. I felt unappreciated for too long. Sometimes all I want is to hear you say “don’t worry I love you. I know your worth” and every doubt I have in myself goes away. You make me believe in myself, sorry if it took too long for me to ever see things differently. Sorry for being such a cry baby at times, I’ll be stronger now for the two of us. Before you get pissed off again, I’m already saying sorry for being an overly dramatic girlfriend that I was.

Lastly…. I loved you, I still do, and always will. The day we met, I already knew that if ever I would be given the chance to know you, I might fall for you and I did. I look forward to every single day because another day means another opportunity for me to love and be loved by you. Always remember that no matter what, I will never get tired loving you because you never gave up on me.


The Koala, The White Piggy, Atty, and the One who loves you genuinely


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