To the man who stayed

Perhaps you weren’t the first guy to ever walk into my life… But you’re the only guy who never walked out.

I guess valentines day was never my day. The first ever valentines day I spent in this world was spent in the hospital, when we lost my baby brother. It’s tragic and it stayed that way for too long, for 19 years actually… But then you came into the picture and broke the cycle.

It’s not unknown to everyone that you weren’t the first guy for me to love. But you know what? You have outweighed the love I felt for all of them summed up. I have never loved as much as I have loved you. You weren’t my first love but indeed you’re going to be my last love.

There are a tons of reasons why this is different, why you are different from all of them. With you, it was never orchestrated because with you things just happened spontaneously. I never had to be someone else, I never had to supress a side of me because maybe you wouldn’t like it but you made me want to be more of myself whenever I am with you.

Who would’ve thought right? Who would’ve thought I’d find love when I least expected it and in the least expected circumstance. But I did. And I am so happy it’s with you. I’m so lucky and so blessed to have you in my life, to finally have someone reciprocate the amount and kind of love I can give. You’re the best I’ve ever had. I know things aren’t always smooth sailing , there are times when things seem to be like a mess because well my thoughts really are one heck of a mess but I guess all I ever needed was someone like you to enlighten me. There are ups and downs. Though I love how it is at times where everything is perfect, I also treasure every single trial that comes along because it doesn’t harm our relationship but make it even stronger. I told myself last year that maybe I’ll never be the right girl, as it turns out all I needed was to be with the right guy.

To the man who stayed. The man behind the contentment I have in my life. The man who gives me the happiness I never thought I could ever have. Happy Valentines Day Bb! I love you Doc! I’ll always be your public defendant, koala and life partner ❤



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