love, I know you’d probably be reading this one of these days because I know how you are and you know how crazy me and my thoughts could be at times. Today is one of those mornings, those mornings to which I miss you and feel worried about you and your driving. You said you’ll be out for a short drive and we both know how you are on the road. You didn’t message me when you got home so I’m kinda nervous again if you’re safe or what. I always am worried about your safety especially when I know you’ve been driving late at night. The thought of ever losing you scares me to death. I hope you’re okay, I love you the way I never thought I ever could.

p.s. you were born to race as you say but I was born to be nerbyosa hahahaha. I love you.

yours and always will be,




Just when I thought that I’d never fall inlove again and solitude is what’s meant for me, someone like you came along. Someone who made me believe in love again. It’s been almost two months now, if it were another guy I would’ve been already anticipating the so called expiration since no one ever lasts more than three months with me but with you it’s different. I am inlove with you, someone who turned out to be a friend, a lover and my happy pill. You make me want to look forward to many more tomorrow’s with you. I’m more than happy that I met you. Forever may not exist, but what we have hopefully lasts a lifetime.