To the guy who loved me for me,

I love you. I have fallen inlove with you over a short matter of time. I don’t know how but I just did. It’s weird because you came into my life when I least expected it and when I have actually convinced myself that maybe solitude is meant for me. You see, I almost gave up on the idea that maybe one day, at the right time, I will fall inlove again and this time it will work out. That’s what I thought but when you came into the picture, things changed – ALOT. It has not been quite long since we met each other but it feels like I’ve known you for a very long time. You make me feel okay with being me, being my entire identity without feeling anxious over you liking me or not. You seemed like the type of person who’ll love me for me and as it turns out, you are. No one has ever made me feel this way. Nobody else has ever made me feel the way I feel whenever I am with you. I feel safe and secured whenever you hold me into your loving arms. I love it when you kiss and hold my hand when you’re driving. I am thrilled with every single conversation that we have because it is with you to whom I can talk about anything and anytime and would still patiently listen to me and my endless rants. You have given me the world, you treated me like a queen and understood me more than I thought any guy ever could. This doesn’t stop me though from overthinking things, you know how I am. It’s not your fault though because you have been the best I’ve ever had so far. I’m sorry for doubting and overthinking alot, the ones before you must’ve left scars that might have healed for a long time but are still there to serve as a reminder that I had my heart broken too many times and the thought of another heartbreak scares me but loving you is worth it. Loving you is worth taking the risk. I hope things workout between the two of us, you might not have been my first but I want and hope you’ll be the last man I’ll ever love.


The one who loved you for you


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