The Lieutenant

by: Princess Ann Dominique T. Salcedo


The lieutenant was young he was just twenty four,

When his wife carried a child, it was a daughter she bore.

His career was at its peak but he thought about his child,

The dreams that were once brave and bold became sweet and mild.


He left the military service to be with his daughter and wife,

Everything was never the same when he chose the civilian life.

While his fellow soldiers were away on violent and rough encounters,

There he was, back at home looking at his child full of laughter.


He wasn’t just a good provider but also a good father,

Every single day was a conquest for him to work even harder.

The world was a battlefield and he fought like there was a war,

It was to protect his child whom he treated like the brightest star.


Many years has passed and a lieutenant he is no more,

He now works with the government as an arson investigator.

There are things from the past that are still the same as before,

It is that he will do everything he can for the people he adores.


He may have not become the great soldier he wanted to be,

But in the eyes of his daughter, he is someone who truly depicts chivalry.

He was the one she looked up to as she grew up in a home full of happiness and laughter,

The lieutenant might have been a good soldier but he was a better husband and father.


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