“To find real happiness, we have to take real risks…”


I was reading thought catalog like I usually do when that certain line saying “To find real happiness, we have to take real risks” caught my very attention. Genuine happiness. Legit risks. If only it was that easy. The thing about real risks is that, not only will be the happiness real but rather also all the other possible feelings. Would it be hate, rejection, sorrow, pain, etc… , it will all be real feelings in the end, with real damage. Maybe that risk won’t give you what you want, but maybe it will give you what you need. Everyday we live, we choose to make decisions… decisions that will surely affect our lives, would it be dramatically big or just slightly and there would be this voice inside our heads saying “what if you fail?” “what if it won’t work?” I have come up with an answer to that question that used to bother me. If I fail, I will learn. If it won’t work, it will still be worthwhile. By the end of the day, I know within myself that what truly matters is that I did my best, I chose to take real risks to find that true legit fulfillment that will give me that genuine happiness in the long run, knowing that I won’t be bothered with “what if’s”. We live to take risks, a life without it is not living at all.




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