20 Steps To Happiness

Thought Catalog

1. Stop depending so much on others. Stop caring so much about what they think. Their opinions are meaningless and frankly, are none of your business.

2. Think less. Feel more.

3. Start a gratitude diary. Write in it religiously. When you feel down read it, you will find it hard not to smile.

4. Start loving what you have rather than lusting over what you don’t have. Realize how lucky you truly are.

5. Ignore the future. Forget the past. Neither matter. Live, breathe and relish in the now.

6. Stop worrying.

7. Take up a hobby that does not involve sad yet beautifully written romance novels. Fuck catharsis. Go outside, feel the wind dance through your hair.

8. Stop hating your reflection. No amount of make up or reinvention will ever change the face staring back at you. Accept yourself, you will live with her a long time.

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