22 Signs You’re An Ex-Convent School Girl

this blog makes me miss high school <////////3


1. You’re cool with doing the heavy lifting – as long as it’s manageable. What? Wait for the guys to come help out? Girl, we went through 10 years of school without a single guy in sight (unless you count that wimpy math teacher), and we did just fine.

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2. You have that one group of girlfriends that you know will be there for you. FOREVER.


3. “Friendship problems” don’t throw you anymore. We’ve been through 4 years in a school full of girls going through puberty all at the same time. It was hell. There would always be at least one person in any classroom PMSing at any one time – plus we pretty much hung out with the same group of girls so much that our cycles literally synched up. Yes, it’s not a myth; it’s true. Which basically means WAR every few weeks. I repeat. It was hell.

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Do you remember

The ones who

made you smile

made you laugh

made you cry


Do you remember

The first time

you had a crush

you were infatuated

you fell inlove


Do you remember

the first guy

to make you feel special

to make you feel worthy

to break your heart


Do you remember

the girls

who cheered you up

who never left by your side

who you can call the greatest friends?


Admit it

you remember all of these things

these people

and the memories

you’ll always remember

the happiness and the sadness

the pain and the joy

the love and the hate

simply because these people/feelings/things

made that great impact in your life

that has somehow made you

who you are today.