sunday morning rain is falling~

hey hey its sunday! today was supposed to be our outreach at Carigsa, Magarao but the jeepney left before I even got there, my parents insisted on driving me to the outreach area instead but our formator said it’s against the rules so I ended up going home and taking pictures of myself >:)<Image

“ansakit diba? masakit pag naiwan ka…. ng JEEP! chos lang hahahaha”

on the brighter side of things though, my mom said it’s like a blessing in disguise since there’s a storm and it’s already signal no. 2 here in Camarines Sur and to cheer me up she made me my bfast >:)< thanks mom!


things didn’t turn out to how I planned them though but hey everything has a reason right? atleast I can spend this Sunday with my family and attend mass with them later! Have a Blessed Sunday Everyone =))


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